The Common Hope Gift Catalog

Since 1986, Common Hope has brought education and opportunity to impoverished children and families in Guatemala. With more than 140 staff and thousands of donors, Common Hope has grown into a comprehensive human development organization with a program model proven to double a student’s chances of graduating high school.

The families who walk through Common Hope’s doors often live in one-room houses made of cornstalk and scrap metal, and they have little or no access to education, medical care, clean water, or jobs with liveable wages. These families have the ability and desire to improve their lives if given the chance. We simply provide the opportunities and tools for them to do so.

While education is the heart of our work, we believe a comprehensive approach to human development is critical in helping families and communities reach their full potential. For this reason, we also offer integrated programs in health care, housing, and family development. Every year approximately 8,000 children and adults benefit from our services. 

Written by Tom Stukel — November 05, 2009


The Common Hope Gift Catalog is the perfect way to celebrate the blessings in your life by sharing with those in need. Honor your friends and family by making a gift in their name to benefit someone living in poverty.