The Common Hope Gift Catalog

The Gift Catalog provides an alternative to a consumer-oriented celebration of the holidays, while still honoring the spirit of generosity and gratitude. The gifts in this catalog help us share our blessings with those in need and to remember social justice during a time of abundance and good cheer. The Gift Catalog can be used all year long for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations.
To spread the word, here are a few ideas:

#Organize an alternative giving event with your workplace, faith community, school, or civic club.
Honor your clients with a gift of education, health care, or housing. It may mean more than another box of chocolates or tin of popcorn.

#Host a gathering of friends or family to select gifts that change lives for children and families living in poverty.

#To order Gift Catalogs, gift tags to hang on a giving tree, or gift cards for a gift in honor of a friend or relative, contact our staff at (651) 917-0243 or


The Common Hope Gift Catalog is the perfect way to celebrate the blessings in your life by sharing with those in need. Honor your friends and family by making a gift in their name to benefit someone living in poverty.